Now Is Christ Risen from the Dead

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Parable of the Labourers

Matthew 20:1-16

  1. To what did Christ compare the kingdom of heaven? (20:1)
  2. How much money did the laborers that were hired in the morning agree to be paid? (20:2)
  3. Why were the laborers at the eleventh hour standing idle? (20:7)
  4. How much money were all the laborers paid at the end of the day? (20:9)
  5. "For many be called, but ____ chosen." (20:16)

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  • October 27

    Justin Crawford Speaking
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  • October 31

    Justin Crawford Speaking

    Mr. Justin will be bringing the message for both the morning and the afternoon services.

  • November 7

    Daylight Savings Time Ends
  • November 23

    Midweek Service on Tuesday
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